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Clinical Drug Source specializes in the procurement of medical devices, comparator drugs, and other pharmacueticals, for use in clinical research trials.

Clinical Drug Source works directly with Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Nurses, Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Investigators, Research Managers and their pharmaceutical procurement staff in order to provide their organizations with the exact pharmaceutical products that they require for their clinical trials.

Clinical Drug Source has developed an extensive network of pharmaceutical suppliers from around the globe. We work with hospitals, academic research centers, contract research organizations (CRO), physician based practices, pharmaceutical companies, independent research sites, medical device companies, governments, site management organizations and any other organization looking for pharmaceutical procurement services for clinical research.

Clinical Drug Source can supply pharmaceuticals and comparator drugs for clinical trials in infectious disease, oncology, hematology, cardiovascular disease, neurology, pain, gastrointestinal diseases, pediatrics, urology, metabolic diseases, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, ophthalmology and more.

Seven reasons why clinical researchers utilize the pharmaceutical procurement services of clinical drug source.Seven reasons to choose Clinical Drug Source
Why Clinical Researchers Utilize
the Pharmaceutical Procurement
Services of Clinical Drug Source
Reason OneTime  Clinical Drug Source saves Clinical Research Coordinators and their drug procurement personnel days, weeks and even months of time.
Reason Two
Money  By finding quality pharmaceuticals at the absolute best prices Clinical Drug Source saves clinical researchers tons of money on their clinical trials budgets.
Reason Three
Safety  In clinical research trials, patient safety is paramount. At Clinical Drug Source, we understand the importance of patient safety and we work diligently to ensure it.
Reason Four
Confidentiality  Clinical Drug Source is intensely devoted to maintaining the confidentiality of all of our clients.
Reason Five
Reliability  Clinical Drug Source is dedicatedto delivering the product you requested, with all your specifications, on time every time.
Reason Six
Product Range  Clinical Drug Source has developed a global network of licensed pharmaceutical suppliers that allows it to procure almost any pharmaceutical from anywhere in the world under the strictest of specifications.
Reason Seven
Specialization  Procuring pharmaceuticals for clinical research is our specialty.
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