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Clinical Drug Trial - Drug Procurement Services

At Clinical Drug Source our speciality is clinical drug trial drug procurement services. Whether you are looking for comparator drugs, control drugs, investigational medicinal products or any kind of test drug supplies for your clinical drug trial then Clinical Drug Source can help.

Contract Research Organizations, Clinical Research Coordinators, Pharmaceutical Companies, Clinical Trial Sponsors, Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Trial Management Organizations or any person or institution involved in investigational drug research can save time and money using the clinical drug trial drug procurement services of Clinical Drug Source.

Clinical Drug Source can meet your exact terms for specific lot requirements and expiry date specifications. We will work with you to ensure that your clinical trial drug supplies meet your protocols and are delivered on time and exactly as needed.

Clinical Drug Source is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesale company. Our experience as pharmaceutical distributors combined with our international network of pharmaceutical drug wholesaler partners makes it possible for Clinical Drug Source to procure drugs for clinical trials from almost anywhere in the world.

Our experience with cold chain shipping and in dealing with international customs requirements helps us to ensure that your temperature sensitive study drugs arrive to your clinical trial facilities within the required temperature range.

Use the drug procurement services of Clinical Drug Source for your clinical drug investigation and you will guarantee that your comparator medications and control drug supplies are available for your clinical drug trial on time and within your budget. We specialize in clinical drug trial drug procurement.

Call us today at 1-866-797-7070 for all of your clinical trial drug procurement needs or try our online clinical trial drug procurement quote system.

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